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Long Beach Country Club

Swimming Pool Rules

  1. All bathers should take a soap shower, before entering pool. (State law)
  2. No person with evidence of any disease, or with any bandage, should be allowed in the pool. (State law)
  3. Users of sun tan oils and lotions should wash these off thoroughly before swimming. This is also after reapplying throughout the day. 
  4. No food, gum, or tobacco will be allowed on the pool deck.  Beverages will only be permitted in the pool area if served in plastic.
  5. Children allowed on adult deck only when accompanied by a parent.
  6. No running in the pool area.
  7. All guests must be accompanied by a member, or a person in the member’s family.
  8. All guests must be registered with the pool attendant or lifeguard.   Guest charges will be billed with the regular monthly billing and at the following rate:
    • $10 per guest per day (adult or child).
  9. Guest fees will be directly billed to the member account. .
  10. Babysitters (non-members) will be considered member’s guest.
  11. Any member’s children, unmarried but under twenty-three (23) years of age and living at home, shall enjoy pool privileges (Article VII, Section 2.2)
  12. Members’ sons and daughters (and their spouses), 23 years of age and over, will be treated as member’s guests. (See #11)
  13. Children who have not completed first grade, must be accompanied by a parent or authorized older person while swimming in pool area.  An authorized older person is 15 years old or over.
  14. Children under 15 are not permitted to use the locker room facilities in the main building.
  15. Children under 15 years of age are not permitted in the pool area unless accompanied by a bathing parent.
  16. The pool supervisor and lifeguards will have complete authority in maintaining discipline and enforcing pool regulations, and he (or she) may expel anybody who disregards these rules.
  17. The Club assumes no responsibility for the personal property of those using the pool.
  18. All persons using the swimming pool and its equipment do so at their own risk.  The LBCC assumes no responsibility for injuries suffered by persons in or about the swimming pool or other property of the Club.
  19. Please check your monthly calendar for pool operating hours.
  20. The use of the pool is positively forbidden when no lifeguard is on duty.
  21. At its discretion, the Club reserves the right to change or add to these regulations at any time.
  22. Should extenuating circumstances exist, prohibiting adherence to stated rules, member must submit a written letter to the Board of Directors for consideration.
  23. Persons having a considerable area of exposed sub-epidermal tissue, open blisters, cuts, etc., shall be warned that areas are likely to become infected, and advised not to use the pool.
  24. The pool will close after 4:00 pm when the outside temperature falls below 70 degrees.
  25. Shoes or sandals must be worn on the upper deck area.  The club will not be responsible for any cuts or lacerations to the feet from glass or china.