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Long Beach Country Club

House Dress Code

Dining Room

  1. Proper attire is requested in dining areas at all times.
  2. Following are examples of improper attire at the Club:
    • Cut-off jeans, faded and patched jeans, short shorts, athletic type shorts and jogging clothes.
  3. Caps are not permitted in the Main Dining Room.

Golf Course

  1. Men and junior males must wear slacks or shorts, golf shirts (must have collars and sleeves) and approved shoes.  Cut-offs, blue jeans, sweat pants, short shorts, running or athletic shorts, swim suits, tank tops, t-shirts, undershirts and crop tops are not permitted.  Blue jeans will be permitted until the Friday before May 1st and after October 1st.
  2. Women and junior females must wear skirts, shorts, slacks, shirts or tops, and approved shoes.   Blue jeans will be permitted before May 1st and after October 1st.